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remove her from office. the mayor ignored it. never responded so on september 24 of this year they sent another letter and the ethics commission hasn't received any letter from you asking you advise the commission what action you have taken or will take in connection to this matter. i think it's really hypocritical and a fair term to use when you're willing to take an elected official out of office andis baed on the recommendation and yet make a unanimous recommendation to remove someone -- >> [inaudible] >> thank you next speaker. >> my name is eugene gordon junior. billions of historical
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light years are raining particulate and martin handbook of physics and mia publishers moscow and. qant tum mechanics qeel with physics and atoms and their associations. crystals in particular as well as atomic new clee i and the process is the way properties are established for light is of a universal nature. the simplest form in nature is mechanic nature and changes in parts and space and narrow and sense often meaning classical mechanics and dealing with motion macroscopic bodies
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traveling at great times of light and free space . the laws of motions and bodies post of light and free space are relative mechanics, quantum mechanics". evidence confrontation. imperialism and followers and national and sovereign survival contest continuum. revolution, revolutions to end capital currency and for public ownership of means of production, cooperative collective community. to think this matter in labor classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, dialect tal materialism. >> next speaker. >> you know joseph spoke with pharaoh and told him the dream is one. god showed pharaoh
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what he's about to do. the seven cows or seven years and the seven ears and he doubled it because it was surely going to happen, and it did happen, and hopefully they can read this. okay good. last time it was so bright you couldn't read t i did a really lousily job. hopefully i will improve but what i tried to explain last time i was here is that the bible itself establishes this period of time to the dus trekz of the temp and to christ and had these years so in round numbers it was 560 years. then it gives a spiritual number of three and a half years because if you really study the prophecy carefully the messiah, the lord jesus had to
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be cut off or killed in the 487th year. hopefully i haven't confused you and believe me i know of what i speak and since the three and a half years is after the 560 and god says jesus returns after three and a half and it's obvious it's a spiritual three and a half and logical to multiply the previous figureo i did and i arrived at 9060 years which is strange because the 560 years does not start on a jubilee year. >> >> it's three sabbatical cycles yet when it ends it ends on a jubilee year. 1996 was a jubilee year and from the 70 weeks from the end of daniel which i mentioned before -- >> thank you very much. next
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speaker. >> good afternoon board of supervisors and president chiu. and so in 1962 january it snowed. i will show you a picture. here it comes up. that's our backyard and the golden gate park is right here and the bridge is over this way and that's part of it, and let's see. here are some more pictures of the backyard and there is snow out there on the street there. and that was 1962 and here is our dog and the bridge in the background in 1962 or 64 rather. yeah. and that is the golden gate bridge and we're on the bay fishing. here
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i am showing you pictures, pictures of the boat club. it's no longer there. it's on mariposa street. hi mom and dad. that's a little bit of history there, and next time the sheriff is going to stay. next time the sheriff going to stay for more than just a day. next time the sheriff's going to stay. next time the sheriff's going to staff. next time the sheriff's going to stay for more than just a day . city you found me just in time before you came my time was running low.
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(singing). my bridges all were crossed. no where to go. now you're here in city. i just know where i am going. no more doubt and fear. >> next speaker. >> the next one was a tony bennett song, one of my favorites. i am james patrick carol and a student at city college. i am here to voice my support for the continuing -- continue egg of the muni up into the north beach. >> >>i think a lot of people would like the option to get out in the evening to go to north beach in the lunge in the afternoon or dinner in the evening. for those heading up to north beach for those here in san francisco is a great option. taking mass
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transit would be better. the light rail is quick to be installed. it's efficient. it is but anyway there of problems with some of the operators lately but my point being i want to voice my support for it. i think it should go forward. i think we should go forward with this proposal, and give all san franciscans and tourists, our families and friends a chance to come to the city, or if we live there go up to north beach have lunch or dinner and check out the things up there. thank you very much. i hope that you do have a great day. >> next speaker please. >> i have an overview. a
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couple weeks ago i made appeal here to this board after i was assaulted by san francisco soccer league officials wielding pipes. they knew i opposed to introducing hundreds of toxic infill material into the ocean view neighborhood and golden gate park. as you know they kicked me in the head and left me blooding with a concussion and after they targeted me on the corporate sponsored website. i lived in texas and louisiana in the south and never seen such a good old boy system and robust and epidemic than right here but i believe people need to stand up to bullies including the foundation shrewd billionaires and the well paid lobbies and business friends and associates who stand to reap millions of dollars as well as other favors
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from these projects. i have spoken to my friends in ocean view who of lead by the foundation partnership and its lobbyist s. the so-called gift that the ocean view neighborhood and the sheraton eliminateistry school will be living and breathing with 24/7 is a concealed cancer risk plain and simple. bullies and their followers don't operate in a vacuum and require responsible people like us to stay silent and ignore the corrupting influence. i would hope one of you sitting here would stand up for citizens and give a balanced perspective or for the children and for the soccer officials and to stop another killing or a spill incident. just this morning i was contacted by tv
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60 minutes and with the help of groups throughout the country i will provide the information and background. >> thanks. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors. i have been putting this picture here on display for a while now. i believe it is a depiction of a bull located downtown manhattan around water street, i think it's ten water street. i place that just to give you an image of what it might be like working at downtown new york for a bull company let's say. then the lord said to moses "go into pharaoh and tell him thus the
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lord god, the hiewb rues and lead them go and if you refuse to let them go and the hand of the lord is on the kotle in the field, on the horses, on the camels, on the oxen, on the sheep and severe testament and the lord will make the difference of the life stock of egypt and israel and had a set time and the lord will do this thing in the land and the lord did this thing the next day and all the life stock of egypt died but the life stock of children of israel not one died and the pharaoh went and not one of the israelites was died and the lord said to moses take for
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yourself and handful of ashes from a furnace and let moses scatter towards the heavens and in the sight of pharaoh it and become fine dust in egypt and boils that break out on man and beast and all the land of egypt. >> thanks. next speaker. >> yes, i am born and raised in san francisco. i have been been back for a while. i am asking some probably questions. i didn't hear if you're allowed to get a response. for instance why can't citizens pull items from the consent agenda? in el dorado county in tal hoe citizens can pull and the
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amount of time is different than what you stated and i took the bus to get here and all the people who may have been spread out around the park -- i call it plaza park were kind of more angry than ever on turk street. they have no place to go when they can't go in the plaza. this skate board thing could be held somewhere else. and the lafayette line and when a park is a park you don't need to construct things and there are other parks happening. this is an example -- how do we call it? the construction mafia and we have $5 million to do this. we want to do this and you're tearing out trees and i applaud
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the people opposing this. and stand up and keep trees where they are. don't cut trees even if it means dollars and sometimes people believe quality of life is the line but quality of life is the line. >> thanks next speaker. >> next speaker please. >> thank you. i was waiting for the attention of the chair and one of the supervisors. i am peter warfield executive director of library users association. on october 4 2 weeks prior to the day of the expiration of the a library promised to two artists who had
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helped put up the mu ral the library had the bernal heights mural and the others painted out. the library had sent a required 90 day notice to two of the artists who had participated in the creation of that mural telling them they had until october 16 to remove it. instead on october 4 again almost two weeks prior to the date they had given those artists they went ahead without presumably heard from the artists -- at least according to the city librarian and went to paint out the mural. there was no prep work. they simply painted over this wonderful 30 year old mural which was approved by the library commission three years plus and had latino and other community connections. we have heard
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about a so-called community process that was supposedly involved and what we find out is aside from the many problems that we have pointed out here previously the more we learn the more there are very questionable issues with regard to that process. the so-called mediator was found by a friend of the mediator and introduced to the supervisor who appointed her. she then turned around and appointed her friend to the so-called community process and it went downhill from there. thank you. >> thank you. any other members of the public wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none. public comment is closed. madam clerk can you move to the adoption calendar. >> the next items are considered without committee reference and enacted on a single call and if
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a member wants to sef veran item it can be separately. >> anybody want to sef veran item? >> roll call. >> (roll call). there are ten aye's. >> the resolutions are adopted. colleagues we have our 330 special order which i hope to start at 330 and other than that why don't we temporarily .
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>> [gavel] >> good afternoon. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of october 23rd. we are back for our 3:30 special order for restaurant appreciation month. let me start off by saying on behalf of our colleagues and our 800,000 residents that like eating in the best restaurants in the entire world i want to thank you those that have been really at the forefront of running amazing establishments and serving up and cooking great food and what i would like to do is go in reverse district number order and start with supervisor
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avalos from district 11. >> thank you president chiu. colleague i am rising to honor the broken record bar and grill. unfortunately jason king can't be here and actually right now putting together a new kitchen in his establishment. it occupies a space where another great district 11 restaurant used to be "momma's cooking" and "broken record" is there established in 2008 and a great place to eat and a great watering hole in this part of san francisco and in fact there is a group of people that come from san francisco and the bay area to come to the broken record. a great selection of drinks and whiskeys and jason is a big aficionado of whiskeys
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and things his bar and had different things come and in in that site. it's been an incubator in san francisco. whoever ran the kitchen over the last couple of years are now opening up a restaurant on 400hade street and ricky hobby and there is a great deal of work done and broken work to bring new restaurants and cuisines and always like north american cuisines to san francisco and the southern part of san francisco and i wanted to congratulate jason king for a great establishment, for bringing together giants fans over the year and look forward to you opening up next monday. >> great supervisor. why don't
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we go to district ten and supervisor cohen. we're going in reverse order. >> i did hear you say that. well, hello everyone. is julia here? i don't see her. >> let's skip over you and go to district nine. >> okay. >> can i break in a second? >> sure supervisor. >> the new restaurant at the broken record is this friday, not monday so if people have nothing to do and in the southern part of san francisco it's a great place to be and probably watch the ball game. >> supervisor cohen is your person here? >> is there anyone behalf of schools? school restaurant? >> [inaudible] >> do you want to do your presentation in a little bit? we will redistrict. supervisor
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campos from district nine. >> thank you very much mr. president. good afternoon everyone. i do want to acknowledge a friend of both supervisor wiener and i who is visiting the chamber and kevin from law school and another harvard law school grad in the room and thank you for visiting san francisco. i hope you enjoyed your history. it is my honor to. >> >> call upon summer peterson who is in the audience and if she can please come up, and i think supervisor kim and i were trying to figure out if technically she's still a resident in district six or district nine with redistricting, but summer peterson is the owner of the amazing mission bowling club which is a fabulous establishment in the mission and what is incredible about summer
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is that she has a incredible facility and those that are into bowling i hope you get an opportunity to visit and it's a fabulous space, but her commitment to the community is unwavering, and i just wanted to share a story that i share with my office by the community response network crn which does a lot of violence prevention work working with youth who are at risk, if you will, and the story goes that there were a number of young people who were sort of hanging out outside of the bowling club, and when something likes that happens youth, kids look a certain way. what sometimes happens is the establishment gets worried and responds by calling the police. in this case summer much
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aligned with how she sees the world took it upon herself to talk to these young people and invite them into the club, and she works with groups like the groups that work with at risk youth and find them a way to enjoy the facilities free of charge and that's the type of person she is and the type of business she runs one that recognizes you're the most successful when you're connected to the community and giving back, so it is in recognition of that amazing spirit and approach to business that it is truly my honor to recognize the mission bowling club which has amazing food as well, and so to summer peterson on behalf of the board of supervisors as the representative for district nine it is my honor to commend you for serving as a meeting space
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for the community, for hiring locally, that your belief that small businesses should be part of the community, for your commitment to public transportation and biking which is clear if guand visit in terms how she promotes biking and transit for her customers and for your delicious food and welcoming environment and being a role model for other small businesses in the community and summer peterson thank you for everything that you do and great success to you. >> thank you. it's amazing. i never think about what i do in that way really. it just comes natural. we always say we can't have a strong business without a strong community and that's the only way i kind of see t i wanted to say thank you. we're only six months old but we do appreciate the recognition so thank you very much. it is really important to us. but i
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did want to say we are thrilled we are in a position already known as we are that we can give back to our community by yes serving amazing food and a fun environment that we can incorporate the neighborhood. aside from hosting the nonprofit bowling days our restaurant offers specific menu items and a dollar from each item dollars to youth supporting projects and we rotate that out monthly to reach as many organizations as possible. some of the organizations in the district of root division and tee pees and for the childrens' reading and author's program that they have, and we also just hosted a police versus fire department bowl off for their toy drive charity and it's going to be an annual fundraiser now and in case
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you're wondering the fire department did win by over 80 pins but we're grateful to be part of a amazing community and neighborhood and we're thrilled so thank you guys so much. [applause] >> why don't we go now to district eight colleague, supervisor wiener. >> thank you mr. president. first of all i just want to associate myself with supervisor campos' remark about the mission bowling club. it's a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and we're grateful for summer for really helping us elevate sort of some of the problems with the mission special use district which almost prevented the club from opening and i of happy
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working with supervisor kim and campus for that and thank you for your wonderful business. >> some so today i have the pleasure of recognizing and honoring a terrific kof a and restaurant in my district castro, castro tarts. if you guys want to come up now. castro tarts is on castro streets and has restaurants and cafes et cetera and it's a wonderful place to eat, but one thing that we sometimes don't have enough of is places that offer great food, but that are also affordable, a